Hello Sunflower,

Election week was harrowing, anxiety-provoking, and plain scary. And election day had me feeling all sorts of feels and they weren't good. It was hard to focus on work, I felt a dark cloud following me around everywhere, and I bristled at anyone who seemed to be in a cheerful mood. I wanted to shout HOW CAN YOU BE SMILING RIGHT NOW? THE WORLD IS ENDING. (I didn't haha, are you proud of me?)

Anyways, all of those scary feelings made me remember a video I had seen that I absolutely loved. Really anything by Kurzgesagt is worthy of my love.

I loved it because it provided a clear action step. A practice that I could partake in to feel more satisfaction in life, no matter what crappola I was feeling. This tiny little step works wonders really.

  • It allows us to feel more pleasure (and therefore relieves stress and pain.)
  • It can improve our health over time.
  • It can help those of us who feel depression and/or anxiety.


And with only 3 payments of $99 it can be yours in just a week! Just kidding. It's completely free and it takes very little time. You ready my sweetums?

It's so simple you're going to be disappointed. It's... gratitude lists.

Oh, this isn't the first time I've heard about gratitude lists. Actually, it's a practice I've been doing on and off for the past 12 years. But after seeing Kurzgesagt's video it was such a plain moment of truth- it's like I really couldn't argue with the clear knowledge of it, you know? And that made me recall: the moments in my life I remember being the most satisfied are the times I was keeping a gratitude journal or posting them in a group of my friends regularly. So, in the midst of election-anxiety and Trump's bullshit, I texted my girlfriends group chat and I asked if anyone wanted to do a gratitude thread with me. It was time to take ourselves a bit higher, you know what I mean? Two of them responded and we started a Gratitude thread on WhatsApp.

In the middle of election week, instead of watching the news and obsessing over if Biden was going to win, we began to exchange small gratitudes. It started with small things.

Me: I am grateful for the cooler weather, and how I can WFH today with my windows open.

A: I am grateful for Christmas music to make things cheery

S: I am grateful for Rachel Maddow. My parents have been watching her every night for years and are every day more accepting and nuanced in their thoughts. My siblings and I didn’t have that added stress of tough convos with our parents.

As we got more practiced in sharing what we were grateful for, they started to pour out of us.

Me: I am grateful for a fully-stocked fridge with vegetables and meals I made earlier this week. I am grateful for the tools to feel my dark feelings. I am SO grateful for my workout routine with Rod and how he brings so much beautiful energy to our workouts.

Me: I am grateful for clean, cool water with a press of a button

S: I am grateful for my sister and her infectious joy

A: I'm grateful for a husband who understands electronics and kills and disposes of cockroaches so I don’t have to

A: I’m grateful for little victories like walking into a room when you already made the bed so that it feels peaceful and calm.

S: I'm grateful I had a day off yesterday and went to KBF- so grateful for those sticky buns!

If you're feeling down, worried, afraid, sad, hopeless, or any other feeling really, gratitudes offer a small shiny jewel of hope. If you're already feeling good, they offer a way for your to digest and receive all the delicious good that is coming your way. The way you might close your eyes while taking a creamy, crunchety bite of creme brûlée.

Gratitudes lists are like hunting for a bunch of shiny precious gemstones you've left around your house and putting them all together so you can take a moment to admire their beauty. I hope you take a few mins to practice some gratitude today. If you'd be so kind, indulge me won't you? Share 3 of your gratitude gemstones below.

Come on, sugar. I'd love to hear them <3 Here are mine.

I am grateful for this yummy ASMR video I'm listening to while I'm writing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx3GxpitvbY

I am grateful for lemon verbena tea at night.

I am grateful for online communities that make me feel seen, heard, and acknowledged.



P.S. Want to know how? If you're like me, you want to know best practices for everything hehe. TLDR: it doesn't have to be long, it doesn't even have to be daily, and do it like you mean it. This article has so many good tips on gratitude as a practice. But if you really want to get started, just comment below :*