I've had eating/body challenges since I was a wee one, but let's be honest which woman doesn't? If you don't, I bow at your feet!

I've always envied that French woman cool when it comes to eating all sorts of things. There's no nonsense, they indulge drama-free and also eat well. It's with this spirit, I decided to begin working with a nutritionist and exercise vigorously 3x/week. The structure I've had for the last month has been a godsend. It reminds me of the cadre that so many French people refer to: the day-to-day rituals and framework that make up their life. Having a structure and some general "rules" around eating allowed me to pour my energy and thinking into other things.

Anyway, I learned a lot. I feel like I'm receiving a schooling on basic fundamentals of eating and it has been so helpful for me physically and emotionally that I HAD to share. I hope these little nuggets are as nourishing for you as they have been for moi. <3